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´╗┐Jarred Dingwell jailed for offences that included bringing concealed pellet gun to Charlottetown Mall A Charlottetown man who was caught with a concealed pellet gun at a mall will be going to jail after he was sentenced Wednesday to serve 120 days for several crimes. Jarred Scott Dingwell, 21, appeared before Chief Judge John Douglas in provincial court in Charlottetown after previously pleading guilty to several charges that included carrying a concealed weapon, possession of stolen property, fraud and uttering forged documents. The court heard that in July, Dingwell stole cheques from a truck, wrote several to himself and deposited them in his own bank account. In total he stole $2,450. On Aug. 13, a man who lived on St. Peters Road reported to police that he returned home to find his door forced open and several items stolen, including a $2,000 television. Dingwell sold the television at a pawn shop for $175. Later that month, Dingwell got in a fight at a motel on University Avenue, during which he pulled out a can of bear mace and sprayedsprayed Devils jerseys china his opponent. Then in September, Dingwell went to the Charlottetown Mall where he was trying on jeans in a store when one of the employees saw a black handgun and a collapsible baton in the change room with him when he opened the door. The employee called security and after following him through the mall security called 911. When the police arrived, they found Dingwell was carrying a concealed pellet gun and the baton. Dingwell also had a pill bottle that contained magic mushrooms. During an earlier court appearance, Dingwell's lawyer had requested a pre sentence report, but after numerous attempts by probation services to complete it, he only took part in one interview and the report wasn't finished. On Wednesday, defence lawyer Thane MacEachern told the court it was unfortunate the pre sentence report wasn't finished because he thought having information about Dingwell's family background would have been useful. Dingwell's brother, Dylan, was sentenced in 2012 to 5 years in prison after he shot and killed their other brother, Kyle. In handing down a sentence, Douglas said that without the pre sentence report he didn't have a lot to go on. He then gave JarredJarred wholesale cheap Devils jerseys a suspended sentence with 18 months of probation for using the stolen cheques. Douglas also sentenced him to 45 days in jail for possession of the stolen television, 30 days for possession of the bear spray and 45 days for carrying a concealed weapon, all to be served consecutively. For possessing the magic mushrooms, Douglas ordered Jarred to pay a $200 fine. He also ordered him to pay $2,450 in restitution for the stolen money and $200 in victim surcharges. The sentencing was Jarred's first of two court appearances Wednesday. After it was finished, he was brought into a neighbouring courtroom in handcuffs and shackles where he appeared before Judge Nancy Orr over his alleged involvement in the Operation Clean Sweep drug investigation. That case was adjourned until March 26. This silly fascination with the thug life is frustrating. There are people on PEI coming from countries under dictatorship, under all out war. People who have been shot at, who have watched their family members die in front of them. These people manage to come to PEI and become model citizens. Then we have the middle class dopes with their PEI rendition of an actual hustler. They disregard the fact they would last maybe 5 minutes in a real city's underbelly, where their neck tattoos and hilarious "farmer's bling" will yield a negative on the respect chart. Your sideways baseball hat and lowered Sunfire isn't going to strike fear in any hearts. These people need to simply wake up and realize that their false bravado and phony ebonic slang is not even a match for their local law enforcement. No matter how much drug you sell to your friends, no matter how Scarface you think you're going, you're still going to be in front of the same judge for the same reason, gathering a hefty record and bottomless fines. You're NOT going to be a good parent, and you WILL regret every phony thug thing you did when you see how your kids grow up. This goes to every easily convinced teen girl as well. You will get pregnant, he will not stick around. Apologize for these guys all you want, sympathize their lot in life until you're convinced there's no such thing as a bad person. I'm telling you there is such a thing, and scoff at this at your peril. Just remember one thing as your baby daddy makes his way to courtcourt Devils jerseys cheap in a Tap Out tshirt: The guy who came here from Syria or Bosnia went through 100 times more hardships than your hero in the "snitch killer" baseball hat. The newcomer is working a job paying his taxes and living peacefully. Your hero is selling stolen chains at a pawn shop. Enjoy your choice in partner and father of your children. When you're starved for some peace and stability your child deserves, remember the decision YOU made, and think back to this pep talk. Judge not because someday you might have something in your family and would not enjoy reading the comments of those perfect people that have never done wrong in their lives LOL Think of these boys mother who has done nothing wrong and then take crazy glue and seal your lips or fingers to stop typing your cruel comments on here if you cannot stop judging others. As some day you might be the one begging for understanding in this cold world. I do not know this family but can sympathize with this poor mother to bad some of you cannot. With all due respect to the obvious hell the sons in this family have put their mother through, it's gone well beyond armchair judging at this point. This isn't spreading a rumour at bingo, this is a documented habitual criminal who was found guilty of committing crimes in our neighborhood. That is how the law and media work. The Dingwell boys are doing this to their mother, not us. If they want the publicity to stop, all they have to do is stop breaking the law. If they insist on runningrunning womens Devils shirts headfirst into the nearest crime, then they can reap what they sow. I think the point is, Samantha is replying to the person who said shut down the pawn shops because Jared decided to victimize them too. Jared could have sold the TV anywhere, at least with the pawn shop there is proof. If anything, the pawn shop is the only victim financially here as they are out the money for the TV. They don't get anything back. Some may argue that's the cost of business, but does that mean the thief is rewarded for ripping off a local business(that took exceptional due diligence) by allowing the thief to keep the money? That being said, I seriously hope this family gets the help it needs. Fact is, Jared saw his brother killedkilled womens Devils jersey by the hand of his other, that would mess anyone up. Thanks to low self esteem and poor parenting, there will always be a choir of apologists and white knights crying foul over any complaints about the actions of these repeat offenders. It only takes a few minutes of browsing the Facebook pages of these people to see the horrible results of PEI's hilarious attempt at thug life. Profile after sad (public) profile of the same patterns ridiculous, trendy tattoos, insecure tough guy poses, painted up girls with severe daddy issues no "bad idea" alarms, countless unplanned pregnancies, child protective services rants, addiction, prison, anger, violence. There's even a guy, I'm NOT kidding, who is posing with his fiance, and he's wearing a confederate flag baseball hat that says "snitch killer". Congratulations, I guess? These are the people in your neighborhood. They know only violence and drugs. They blame the police. They worship Tupac. This is the sum of their culture, their contribution. They're having kids like rabbits. I believe my fear of what these people and their offspring will do to me, my property and my community is legitimate.